The Process


With You every step of the way

1. Inquiry + Process Guide 

Start by submitting an inquiry. You can do that here. Once you do, you will be sent a brochure guide with a bit more detail about me & pricing. I’ll reach out to you personally soon after.

2. Questionnaire

Once I reviewed your message, I will want to get more details on your scope of work—be as detailed as possible, this will better help me give you a price estimate. 

3. Consultation

Let’s chat! I will address any questions or concerns you have, as well as follow up with you about any information I may still need details on.

4. Proposal + Contract

At this time, I will send you an estimate, a proposal, and a contract. If you accept, congratulations! You are ready to get going! You will sign off and a 50% or full payment will be required up front. 

5. Design Time

You will be given a custom time line based on your needs. Included will be an initial draft, a first revision, a second revision, and the final deliverables. Each round will require you to fill out a survey for me to better address your changes. I want you to take your time reviewing, but the longer the review takes the more the project may be delayed. Please allow a minimum of 4-weeks to ensure no hard deadlines are missed.

6. Deliverables

Once you sign the production agreement stating you 100% approve the art, you will be given your final high resolutions files or, when applicable, it is off to the presses for printing. Final payment will be required before this step. 

7. Get Excited!

You’re all done! You can do a happy dance.