Open & Honest


My name is Ashley (Presutti) Beasley, and here is my professional story...

I have had a passion for creativity ever since I can remember. When applying for college I knew I wanted to do something where I could take advantage of my strength in art & design. From there I went on to earn a bachelors in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Houston in December of 2011.

Almost immediately after graduation, I received a contract graphic design job. Within only three months I was offered to take on the position full-time at the company, and I continue to work there today. This opportunity has led me to expand my knowledge in the professional world of design and consumer goods.

In late 2014 I decided I wanted to open an Etsy shop. It’s a long story, but if you’re ready to go down the rabbit hole I recommend catching up on my blog The Tale of the Forgotten Logo.

On to the juicy personal details...

When I am not busy busting my butt at work, I enjoy being creative in my spare time. It's safe to say my eyes are glued to the computer screen for the majority of my day, but any chance I have to practice hand-lettering, water coloring, or decorating my house, I am!

I’m sarcastic, I love humor and movie references, I use cuss words tastefully, and I am not afraid to be my own person—these are all things you will see when you read my blog. The weak have been cautioned.

Like most normal humans, I love coffee and sleep. Oh, and did I mention I love cats? Because that's kind of a big deal...



Let's Get Serious

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