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Q: What do your services cost?

A: It is different for everyone and depends on a number of factors: the overall project type and how involved the design work is and its requirements, how many pages, timing, revisions, materials, printing, shipping, and many other factors.

I wish there could be one price fits all, but unfortunately everyones project is different. Submit a detailed inquiry and I can provide a more accurate estimate.

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Q: What is your turn around time?

A: It also varies. Depending on how many other client projects (and personal projects/days) I have going on at that same time, and the detail of the project, it could be 1 week or 6 weeks—I won’t know until I know more details about your project. For example: a 1-page poster might turn around in 2 weeks but a brand overhaul could take 2 months.

Providing an accurate timeline from the beginning when requesting the project will help us both to stay on track with your deadline.

It is always safe to request a project weeks in advance to ensure enough time. Don’t forget, you will want enough time for reviewing and revisions, as well as a cushion for printing and shipping.


Q: Do you resell custom work like logos?

A: Never! Custom work is untouchable. If you are paying a custom price, that work is all yours. Custom stationery is yours, logo design & any other brand materials are yours, and any other design work.

The only custom art I sell is original signs, printables, or other decor. Ex: If you request a chalk sign that says “love”, I may make a second sign that says “love” and sell it in my shop, unless the style was exclusive to your brand or business.

I offer a shop with pre-made art and ready-made invitations. See it here.